FEBRUARY 20, 2010



Liberty played the final game against the Comets and won with a score of 17 to 9 and finished the season undefeated!  The first two quarters of the game Liberty came out a bit slow, but once the team bounced back, they were unstoppable,scoring 10 of their points in the third quarter.  Scoring for Liberty was Shannon Vasas 1 pts, Sara Catanzano 6 pts, Jocelyn Stavros 4 pts, Victoria Mirabito 4 pts and Lily Wyat 2 pts.  Gina Puccia, Stavros, Paige McGaffigan and Niamh Cote all were the first line of defense and were amazing at stopping the ball.  McGaffigan and Niahm had their best defensive game yet! Lily Wyatt had a shot from the side that was nothing but net, beautiful!  Cantazano and Mirabito both provided great defense and offense.  Each provided back up to their teammates and the passing by Cantazano was spot on!  Jocelyn Stavros had a few break aways and was on fire!  Lisa Devito, Shannon Vasas and Cassia Burns assisted in trapping the opponent and shutting them down in the corners,  each coming out of position at just the right moment to add to the defense.  Congratulations girls on a job well done!!!  It has been my pleasure coaching you. 

Today the Comets dug in their heels and played a solid match against the Liberty.  Though they didn't come away with the win, the girls gave it their all!  Julia Noone was first to score in the game as she netted 1of 2 foul shots.  Michaela Svendsen put up a nice shot in the second quarter for 2 points and she, with Noone, grabbed many key rebounds throughout the game.  Emily Milne kept her post up high and moved the ball swiftly to her team.  Allison Couillard and Emily Langone both did an amazing job moving the ball across a tough defensive line with some strong passing and drives to the net.  Langone got the scoring back on track in the 3rd quarter as she netted one for 2 points and dropped 1 of 2 foul shots.  Caitlin Panessiti played solid on both ends making great passes on top of the key and crashing the boards.  Olivia Powers played her famous heads up defense knocking away the ball and protecting the ball at all times.  In the 4Th quarter, Emily Burns lit up our offense with a spectacular 3 point play as she put one in for 2 points, drew the foul and dropped 1 of 2 foul shots all in one fell swoop! Defensive players of game were Emily Langone and Emily Burns.


Monarchs 12Mercury 10

The first matchup between these two teams was a fierce contest that went into overtime.  The rematch was equally exciting from start to finish.  The Monarchs jumped ahead in the first period with six points from Kayla VonKahle who received several nice passes from Sarah Ciampa and Emily Amaral.  The second period was a defensive struggle as Shaylee Puleo, Sarah Murray, and Sidney Quinn applied pressure to the tough Mercury offense and held on for the lead at the half.  In the third period Kayla hit two more shots to give the Monarchs some breathing room while Erin Briley and Chelsey Pellegrino played tough defense at the other end of the court.  In the fourth period it Shaylee Puleoís layup was the deciding shot to give the Monarchs a 12-10 victory for their season finale.

The Mercury could not catch up to the Monarchs in yet another close contest (12 to 10).  The Mercury girls had a great game with only seven players showing up to the contest.  Julie Ozek, Ashley Turri and Felicia Ragucci all had great games on defense.  Teagan Trant picked up some nice steals on defense and showed some great passes on offense.  Danielle Carrig and Lauren Riccardi took some nice shoots for the Mercury but the ball would just not fall for them.  Alexis Brincklow had her best offensive game of the season with 10 points in the contest.  The Mercury will practice hard and come prepared for the playoffs next week.



In the re-match from week 3 the Lynx beat the Starzz 18-13 to finish the season 6-5. The Lynx started the season 0-3 and have worked extremely hard to go 6-2 the rest of the way. In the teamís best performance yet the team defense was outstanding, from the pressuring of the ball from Katie Garcia, Sarah Larsen and Lauren Crupi to the outstanding rebounding of Verseckas, Mckinnis, Ford, and Miranda Hulme. On offense the Worked well all morning moving the ball and creating open shots. Good luck to the girls in March Madness regardless of the finish be proud of the work and improvement you've made through the year. Lynx scorers were Carolyn Verseckas( 8), Amanda Mckinnis( 7), and Amanda Ford( 3).

Defensive players of the game were the entire Lynx team!

Scoring for the Starzz were Samantha Mercurio (4), Kate McGlaughlin (4), Isabelle Picher (2), Rachel Sessa (2), Emily Sessa (1).



The Storm had a well balanced scoring attack against the Rockers, led by Bailey Carterís first basket of the season! Swarming defense by Sarah Yoken, Irene Houde and Stefani Cunningham was the key to victory.Scoring for the Storm were Madison Wescott (6), Sydney Burlamchi (6), Nicole Lucia (4), Jessica Cacciola (2), Bailey Carter (1).Defensive player of the game was Stephanie Graffeo.

Scoring for the Rockers were Julia Kelly (5), Elizabeth Markwarth (3), Erica Whynot (3), and Sarah Letourneau (1).





The Jayhawks returned this week against the swift Falcons. The Falcons ramped up their offense, and kept the Jayhawks running throughout the game. June Garcia stepped in as a forward this week and did an excellent job being shifted into this position demonstrating defensive skills and was the leader in rebounding. Megan Braciska and Loren Sullivan led the team in points, while Cassandra Froio and Rebecca Keough demonstrated their excellent dribbling skills. Andrea Doran also shifted into position as a forward and did a superb job moving the ball around. Ashley Colbert was quick on her feet racing the Falcons up the court on break-aways. Kacie Ellegood held her position as a great defensive player and brought the ball up the court with quick thinking passes. It was an excellent game played by the Falcons and close the whole game through. But in the final minutes, Nicole Petherbridge stepped in, and raised the points up for the Jayhawks to a win.

Scoring for the Falcons were Amanda Aylward (5), Hilary Fletcher (4), Marissa Maciel (4), Brittany Fletcher (2), and Abigail Wise (2).

Terriers28 Cardinals 19

The Terriers and Cardinals went head to head for the second time this season.  Don't let the score fool you, this was a close game.  This grudge match was as physical and well played as the first one. The Terriers defense was a true team effort but Melanie Fleury and Meredith Cahill were the defensive players of the game keeping Cardinals from getting inside and causing some key turnovers.  Emily Duquette also came up with some big rebounds and causing a few jump balls.  The Cardinals outside shooters were shut out by the Terriers defense and kept the Cardinals to only scoring in the paint.  Responsible  for numerous turnovers were Erin Walsh, Ashley Colarusso, Amanda, Brown, and Marissa Conlin.  Ruling the boards for the Terriers were Michelle Creedon and Shannon Smith.

 The Terriers offense spread the ball around once again.  Seven players scored in the first meeting and seven Terrier's scored in round two.  Shannon Smith led the way with ten points, getting four of those from the foul line.  Michelle Creedon followed up with six points and Erin Walsh pumped in four points from the top of the key.  Marissa Conlin, Meagan Timmins, Ashley Colarusso, and Amanda Brown put in two points each.  Melanie Fluery, Meredith Cahill, and Emily Duquette also did a great job of getting the ball inside for some assists.  This was another great game and hats off to both teams for a great season ending game.

 In the last game of the regular season the Cardinals decided to split the 6th and 7th graders into two groups. The 6th graders started off the game and played tough defense in the 1st keeping the scoring low. After one the Terriers clung to a 4 point lead. Then the Cardinal 7th graders came in firing and with good defense and great free throw shooting by Toni Joy were able to close the gap a little going into halftime. Again in the 3rd quarter the Cardinals played excellent defense and kept the game within reach for the final quarter. The 7th graders entered the final quarter with steely resolve in their desire to win the game. However the strong center for the Terriers was also just as determined. The Terriers with great rebounding and tenacity were able to keep the ball alive several times resulting in second chances that they were able to capitalize on. Therefore with great effort on both sides the Terriers were able to stretch the lead at the end and win the game by 9 points. The defensive player of the game was Taylor Donahoe with a few blocks and great man defense. Caroline Ferrari also had a great defensive game leading the team in rebounds with 7. Scoring for the Cardinals was Toni with 9 (5 for 6 from the line!) and Ariana Calouro, Kayla Berube, Ashley Figucia, Taylor, and Emily Velozo with 2 points each. Sam Lopolito, Nicole Doucette, and Eva Barinelli also played strong to end the regular season. The Cardinals coaching staff enjoyed working with this group of girls all season and look for them to make some noise in the playoffs.



The Cougars came away with a big win in their final regular season game.Molly Harrington (4 pts), Jamie Ray (9 pts) and Delaney Chisholm (3 pts) played great providing some solid defense and hitting key baskets.Caleigh Finneral (9 pts) and Sarah Baptista (2 pts) were outstanding under the hoop grabbing several huge rebounds and scoring some tough baskets.Samantha Teague and Jessica Lehmann each played well hustling on both ends of the court.Amanda Lane was the Cougar's defensive player of the game.The win was a great way to end the regular season and get ready for a deep playoff run.

Scoring for the Waves were Carlye Slavin (10), Alexis Chaet (8), Jaqueline Noftle (2), and Tayla Legrande(2)


Scoring for the Huskies were Karalyn Galella (10), Jaime Fowler (5), Alyssa DiFruscia (5), Chloe Politis (4),and Kenzie Wyatt (2).

Scoring for the Wildcats were Lindsey Cossar (8), Katherine Dunleavy (4), Janina Kennedy (4), Erin Davis (2), Erica Dirk (2).




The magic got off to a quick start this past Sat against a strong Wizards team. The Magic played a strong first half lead by Nicole Hamel (7 pts), Shannell Nardone and Meaghan Blaisdell (6 pts) along with tough defense by Britney and Ashley ( 2 pts) Dell'Aciprete, and Kertrina Dustin. The Magic had a 19 to 13 lead at the half. The second half was played with 4 players leaving the gym to attend another basket ball game, but the Magic were more than up to the challenge. The Wizards came out strong in the 3rd quarter taking a 28 to 27 lead, but tough defense in the 4th lead by Molly Tibbetts (4 pts) and Kelly Quigley (2 pts) and a scoring punch lead by Olivia Gallela (6 pts) and Kavita Shah (5 pts) were able to come back and pull out a win 38 to 34 beating the second place team and putting themselves in a 3 way tie for 4th. The girls played hard this season and after spending most of the season in 7th, played very well together at the end to move up in the standings. This is great group of girls and it was a lot of fun coaching them this season

The Wizards and Magic played a fun and exciting game that ended in a 38-34 victory for the Magic.  The Wizards spread the ball around the floor today trying to get everyone involved with the scoring and it worked as 8 girls hit at least one shot with none being more exciting than Jen Joyce's (2 pts) picture perfect outside jumper.  Julia Bodoni (4 pts) showed her flexibility by hitting from the outside and then later fighting for a rebound followed by a great hoop underneath.  Sam Laferriere led the scoring with 7 pts followed by Missy Cordwell (6 pts), Jen Iannacci (6 pts), Abby Donoghue (5 pts), Jen Cobuccio (2pts) and Hannah Culwell (2 pts).  Mariah Culwell, who has really stepped up her play lately, contributed with some nice defense and rebounding.  The Wizards would like to wish all of the teams the best of luck in the playoffs.


Jazz39†† BLAZERS 31

The Jazz and the Blazers played a great back and forth game, with the Jazz coming out on top 39 to 31. Aly Spencer played her best game of the season, scoring 12 points. Jen Salvucci, Sam Campbell (4pts) and Rachel Ragucci played tough defense all game. Haley Callahan and Haley Feingold did their best to stop the outside shooting of the Blazers, while scoring 2 points each. Ari Medeiros (13pts), Sara Semenza (4pts), and Shannon Semenza (2pts) applied great pressure, causing numerous turnovers that the Jazz converted into points.

Scoring for the Blazers were Ally Braciska 11 points, Ashley Kelly 6 points, Bridget Casey 4 points, Brooke Patterson 4 points, Crystal Lemus 2 points, Taylor Simas 2 points, Mikayla Hodgdon 2 points.  Defensive standout was Sarah Minichello.


Sonics 42 Spurs 14

The Sonics finish the season in third place for the senior league with win over the spurs where every player on the team scored with a final score of 42 to 14.Krista Mignon (2 pts) had another great week stealing the ball several times and played a solid defensive game. Brittney Pachucki (4 pts) found her outside shot and was able to drop two baskets. Shanna Chartientz (13 pts) showed she was ready for March madness by finding her inside game and scoring the team high of thirteen points. Nicky DePierro (7 pts) came back after a six week absence to show that she has her A game and is ready to contribute inMarch madness. Jillian Phaneuf(6 pts) was relentless under the boards playing a very solid game and was able to control the boards on both sides of the court. Marisa Harington (6 pts) who continues to contribute in a major way every week did not disappoint by dropping three baskets from the outside. Melissa Peters (4 pts) continued to play the game with drive and determination. THE SONICS LOOK LIKE A TEAM THATíS READY FOR MARCH MADNESS.

Although the SPURS were a bit outmatched today there were some very bright spots with some nice outside shots by Daniel Moulton, Leanne Lozowski and Jamie Cohen each scoring 2 points. Kelsie Bradley was the spark on defense and also lead the scoring with 4 points. Shannon McLaughlin and Haley Golini rounded out the scoring with 2 points each on some nice drives to the basket. Rachel Pendleton and Devin Kelly played well on offense moving the ball and setting up some of the outside shots.





 Tewksbury 26North Reading 21

The Redmen stung the North Reading Hornets for the second week in a row to get
back to 500.  As the regular season is winding down the 5th grade girls travel
team is finally starting to click as a team which showed in their good passing
and tough defense. 
Sara Catanzano led the first half offense with 4 of her 6 points.  She was
helped by Julia Kelly (4 pts) who sank a beautiful outside shot, Sam Surowiec (2
pts) who banked one off the glass, Paige McGaffigan (1 pt) and Samantha Mercurio
(2 pts) with 1 point each from the line. The Redmen went into half time down 12
- 10.  They came out with 2 quick buckets at the start of the second half  to
take the lead but they just couldn't pull away.  North Reading capitalized on
their height difference by blocking shots and had some good outside shooters so
this game stayed close.  Adrianna Favreau scored a season high 8 points and with
the help from her teammates Tewksbury started to control the boards not allowing
North Reading any second shots. 
Katie Garcia, Victoria Mirabito (2 pts) Francesca Cocca, Marissa Doherty, and
Emily Sessa dug in on defense to keep the game within reach.  With less than 4
minutes left to play Mercurio hit another free throw to tie the game and
Catanzano followed with a nice jumper to give Tewksbury the lead.  The Redmen
defense shut down the Hornets offense, not allowing them to score again for the
rest of the night but it was Favreau's 3 point play that sealed the win and gave
the Redmen a 5 point lead.  The team will travel to North Andover and then
Wilmington looking to sweep both teams this season.
Colleen MacNeil was the number one supporter and loudest cheerer for the team
again this week.