2018 TGBL March Madness

Updated Thursday March 29, 2018 by Christina Svendsen.

TGBL March Madness – 3/16/18 – 3/17/18






Team Mercury WINS Junior League Playoffs!!!

  The one word to describe team Mercury throughout the length of the 3 games they played this past weekend is TEAMWORK!!!  Every single player contributed to each and every win by playing their hearts out and playing the best DEFENSE I've seen in a long time for a young team!  To quote one of the refs, "I think you guys hold the record for most jump balls in a game"!   Not only did they all play great defense, but 8 out of the 10 players scored for Mercury in their 3 games of playoffs. 


Round 1


Mercury: 8 vs. Comets: 4


Krissi Macdonald took offensive charge and scored 4 points, Madison Burke and Sophia Cappiello each added a basket all in the first quarter.  Mercury didn't score the rest of the game, but again the defense of the entire team kept the comets at a total score of 4 points. Mercury took the win with a final of 8-4!   


Semi Finals


Mercury: 12 vs. Mystics: 2


Saturday brought Mercury to face the 1st place seed Mystics, a team that Mercury just couldn't beat throughout regular season play, always coming up shot by 1 POINT!!!!   The teamwork of Mercury put a stop to them when it matter the most and crushed the Mystics by a score of 12-2.  The end of the 1st quarter, the game was still scoreless, 2nd quarter baskets were made by Maya Paquette and Madison Burke to end the first half with a score of 4-0!  Maya Paquette added 2 more baskets and another basket by Bridge Kelleher (first one of the season) to end the third with a score of 10-0!  Carly Heichman added her second basket of the season to finish the game with a score of 12-2! 




Mercury: 10 vs. Storm   


Mercury came out strong once again, holding the lead the entire game!  Sophia Cappiello scored 4 points, Julianna Cappiello scored 2 and Maya Paquette scored 2 points along with Paige Crowley adding a basket to win the finals by a score of 10-7!   Audrey Shanahan played both offense and defense with all her heart along with Allison Shpritzer who was a defensive machine!!!  All 10 members of the team passed when they needed to, dribbled out of trouble, took good shots and were rebounding machines!!!   Congratulations to Team Mercury for taking 1st place in the playoffs!!! 






Badgers: 38 vs. Jayhawks: 34


Badgers finished a magical season with a 38-34 victory over the Jayhawks to capture the Intermediate League Championship. It was a competitive game from beginning to end and both teams battled.  Here are your Champions – Leah Casey, Lyric Reid, Morgan Crowley, Katrina MacDonald, Samantha Ryan, Darya Mehrabani, Lily Boucher, Madelyn Montejo, Haleigh Doiron, Kimsan Nguyen, Brooklyn Degrechie.

These girls played exceptional basketball throughout the season and they played as a team all season long which contributed to our 10-2 record.  It was exciting as a coach to watch them improve each week.  This will be a memory that will last forever! 




Round 1


Spurs: 20 vs. Paces: 40


 The Girls Intown March Madness tipped off Friday night with the #3 seed Pacers playing the #6 seed Spurs.  The Pacers got the win and will play on but hats off to the Spurs Team including 9th Graders, Assistant Coach MaryKate Callinan, Madison Pierce , Megan Boudreau, Brianna Iandoli, Erin McIntyre  who graduate from the program and 8th Graders, Madison Kearney, Elizabeth Pacheco, Jess Hickey, Emma Nowell and Jordan Gardner who will return next season to continue their basketball skills


The Pacers matched up against the mighty Spurs and were able to pull through to the second round of the tournament.  Leading all scorers was Katie Polimeno with 14 points followed by Lexi Polimeno and Adrianna Niles both with 8 each.  Rounding out the scoring was Abby MacCallister(4),Lily Gigante(4) and Maisan Nguyen (2) .  During the 2rd quarter, Jaylee Howard had a great basket, but a time out called by the Pacers coach at the same time, interrupted it.  Defensive stars Nguyen, Niles, Gigante & MacCallister helped keep the Pacers in the match.  Lexi and Katie Polimeno together played a solid game on both ends.


Semi Finals


Suns: 22 vs. Pacers: 45


The "Sun set on the Suns" season in the Semi-Finals on Saturday with a 45 to 22 point loss to the eventual champions the Pacers. The game was very competitive at the half with the Suns only down by 4 points, 20 to 16. They played a great 1-2-2 defense to keep it close, but in end the Pacers had way to much fire power. Madison Stovesand, Juilana Ricci, and Klara Holden led the defensive effort with rebounding, blocks and steals. There scoring came from Madison with a game high 9, Christina Capachietti 5, Brooke Woodman 4, Courtney Capachietti 2 and Abby Hansbury and Kaitlyn Oates with 1 each. Thanks for a great season Suns and will see you next year on the courts.


During round 2 of March Madness, the Pacers matched up against the very well balanced Suns squad. The match was fast faced and both teams put in tons of work.  As the Suns launched forward to close the score within points, the Pacers stayed focused and kept their heads in the game.  Maisan Nguyen was a force on defense with a hand full of steals and foiled several fast breaks by the Suns.  Adrianna Niles made several huge blocks under the Suns net and with Ally Ragusa & Lily Gigante, collected many rebounds.  Lexi Polimeno, Abby MacCallister and Katie Polimeno all played fantastic ball with key contributions throughout the game.  Jaylee Howard once again was at the end of several tie ups, gaining key possessions for the team.  Our scoring was led by Adrianna Niles with 15 points, followed by Katie Polimeno (12), Lexi Polimeno (9) and rounding out our scoring was Ally Ragusa and Abby MacCallister with 4 each.


Sonics: 43 vs. Blazers: 26


The Sonics pulled together for a fantastic tournament semi-final game against the Blazers.  Alyssa Gray was the team stand-out on defense.  Gray (2 blocks) denied any scoring from the lower key and wing while boxing out to grab several defensive rebounds.  Emily Walker (2pts) and Erica Hinkle (2pts) played relentless, quick defense at the top of the key to limit 3point shots, and their smart passes led to teammates' open shots.  Amanda Moreira (5pts) was great at shooting, landing a 3-pointer, and was tough at rebounding on defense.  Ava Piccolo (4pts) landed two perfect jumpshots late in the game. Rachel Picher (4pts) led the Sonics offense, selflessly working the ball into the Sonics centers and forwards for scoring opportunities.  Michelle Hinkle (10pts) and Asha Speller (16pts) dominated the boards and had great moves in the key, combining to score half of the Sonics points.  Injured Allie Indingaro, continuing to be player-coach, encouraged the team and helped the coaches with game-time strategies.




Pacers: 35 vs. Sonics: 13


The Sonics battled hard but were not able to come up with a win against the Pacers.  Forwards Amanda Moreira and Alyssa Gray had great offensive moves and shots, but nothing would fall.  Guards Emily Walker and Ava Piccolo played tough to move the ball past the Pacers defense.  Asha Speller (3pts) defended the key well, and Rachel Picher (2pts) and Erica Hinkle (2pts) played gritty defense against the opposing guards.  Michelle Hinkle (6pts), alternating between guard and center, was high scorer for the Sonics.


The Pacers matched up against the undefeated and talented Sonics in the finals of March Madness.  Once again, Maisan Nguyen shined with her quiet, but tenacious defense and Jamie Munroe, who just stepped off a plane, collected 6 huge rebounds for the team.  Ally Ragusa and Lily Gigante also collected several key boards and played a solid game today.  Jaylee Howard completed her season as our most improved player working harder and harder each week and always giving 100% with a smile! Katie Polimeno played one of her best defensive games of the season and led the team’s offense with 14 points. Playing in their last in town match, our graduating players: Lexi Polimeno, Abby MacCallister and Adrianna Niles left nothing behind as they gave it their all today.  Rounding out the scoring was Lexi (9), Adrianna (6), Abby (4) and Ally (2).  Congratulations Pacers!