Week 1 Game Summaries

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TGBL Game Summaries – 11/17/18
Suns: 32 vs. Jazz: 33
The Suns started their Senior league season with a highly contested, hard fought loss to the Jazz
33 to 32. The game was close though out and tied at 18 at the half. In the end, the Jazz were able
to score to take a 1-point lead with 8 seconds left. The Suns guards Sophia Brown and Maeve Cahill
did a good job of stopping the ball at the point of attack. Riley Veits was the team's aggressive
defensive leader. Alyssandra Ragusa, Darya Mahrabani and Emma Nowell kept the Jazz off the boards
for most of the game. The Suns scoring was led by Kati Polimeno 16, Kiley Kennedy 10, and Madison
Stovesand 6. The Suns will try to get into the winning column in two weeks when we return to
playing.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.🍗🍗
Jayhawks: 22   Badgers: 14
The Jayhawks kicked off another exciting campaign this week.  The team did a fantastic job working
together on both ends of the court.  On offense scoring was led by Emma Ryan with 7 points.  She
was an iron woman on the court playing the whole game as several key players were injured.  Steph
Mercurio chipped in 6 with Skylar Auth, Rebecca Bourdreau, Brooke Hatch and Alyssa Adams scoring
some big buckets as well.  Defensively, the team was led by the twin terrors Sky and Alyssa forcing
more than their share of turnovers.  Key rebounds by Gabriela Colon and Charlotte Bartolone were
critical to sealing the win.  Finally, our bench mob of Chelsea Keefe, Kenzie Hickey and Olivia
DiPalma kept the energy high on the bench and in the huddle.  A team win all the way around.
The start of the 2018/19 Intermediate In-Town season showing the Badgers against the Jayhawks.  In
the 1st half the Badgers has some good looking outside shot attempts, led by Victoria Pinto and
Adrianna Damiano, but it just would not fall.  Also, for the 1st half showed great defense by both
teams, with the Badgers have great blocks by Avery Della Piana and Brooke Khourie, but the outside
shooting of the Jayhawks was too much for the Badgers defense with the score at halftime being 18-6
(Jayhawks).  At halftime the Badgers made defensive adjustments and showed great man to man defense
anchored by Adrianna Damiano and Grace Pinto and a couple of great blocks by Brooke Khourie and
Haleigh Doiron, holding the Jayhawks scoreless in the 3rd quarter and cutting the deficit to 4 by
the end of the quarter, 18 to 12 (Jayhawks).  The 4th quarter showed greater defense by both teams.
 The Jayhawks pressure defense was a little too much for the Badgers and held them to just 2 points
in the 4th quarter and giving the them their 1st loss of the season.  Badgers Box Score:  Haleigh
Doiron (6 pts.), Avery Della Piana (2 pts.), Brooke Khourie (2 pts.), Krissy MacDonald (2 pts.) and
Jamielynn Walker (2 pts.)

Eagles: 30 vs. Wolverines:  20
Week 1 of the 2018-2019 season saw the Eagles win their season opener against the Wolverines 30-20.
 The Eagles started strong and never trailed in the game. Contributions to the victory came from
the entire team!  Six of the Eagles contributed with scoring, Whitney Gigante led the team in with
12 points.  Dakota Malizia (6 points), Anya Cranston (4 points), Paige Crowley (4 points), Chloe
Burns (2 points), and Alivia Ronan (2 points) also contributed with scoring.  Aislin Davis, Kimsan
Nguyen & Autumn Gallant contributed with strong defensive play while Claudia Melo and Alanna Paquin
provided key rebounding.  Great job by the entire team to a strong start to our season!
Coaches Christine, Jess, and Marli were ready to see their Wolverines shine in their season opener
after some great practices together as a team and our good showing at the
Jamboree.    The game started out tough for our squad as the Eagles were able to capitalize on many
fast break baskets. Our starting five of Emily Picher, Emma Lanziero, Sofia Pescatore, Alex
Civitarese, and Juliana Lefler worked hard to keep our squad in it. The second quarter got better
with some key boards from Ella Macallister, and Molly MacDonald.  Also, our ball handlers Morgan
Crowley and Tia Smith for quarter two did a great job creating offensive opportunities with smart
passes, and great shots.    We were down big at the half, but the Wolverines truly came alive in
the second half.   We had SUPERB defense from Sofia
Pescatore and Jordyn St. Cyr, who came away with a steal which then resulted in a basket for Emily
Picher.     Our offense did come alive in the second half with key baskets from Molly MacDonald,
Tia Smith, and Emily Picher.  We were able to cut the 18-  oint lead down to 8
points, but for sure we saw huge improvements overall for the team.