Week 2 Game Summaries

Updated Tuesday December 11, 2018 by Bob Hinkle.

TGBL Game Summaries 12/1/18




Badgers:  26 vs. Eagles: 23 (Overtime)


What a game this was!  The Badgers showed some great composure and defense throughout the game.  The Badgers got off to a slow start in the 1st quarter with the Eagles going on an 8 to 2 run.  Badgers called a timeout, regrouped with some great defense and shooting and ending the 1st quarter with a 3-point buzzer beater by Jamie Walker!  The 2nd and 3rd quarters showed some great defense and rebounding by Charlotte Morris, Emily Erickson, Victoria Pinto and Grace Russo and blocks by Avery Della Piana (7 blocks on the game!), and Brooke Khourie with 2 blocks.  There was also a key steal from Adrianna Damiano.  Haleigh Doiron and Krissy MacDonald were the scorers in the 4th quarter.  Krissy had the key basket to tie the game.  The Eagles got a good shot off, but it was a miss.  Haleigh got the rebound and ran up the floor with seconds left and drew the foul at the end of the 4th quarter.  There was a lot on this young ladies’ shoulders, as she stood alone at the foul line for 2 shoots.  Haleigh had 2 good looking shots but missed both free throws putting this game into overtime.  In overtime the Badgers defense stood strong holding the Eagles to zero points.  Julia Moura came up with a key basket and Krissy MacDonald hit a free throw giving the Badgers a 3-point lead.  There were seconds left for the Eagles to score again but could not giving the Badgers a thrilling 1st win of the season!  Box Score:  Haleigh Doiron (10 points), Avery Della Piana and Julia Moura (4 points each), Krissy MacDonald and Jamie Walker (3 points each), Charlotte Morris (2 points).


Wolverines: 24 vs. Jayhawks: 28


The team was ready to capitalize on a great week of practice and after our tough season opener loss, were hoping to get things going this week against the Jayhawks.  We started strong with Tia Smith leading the offensive charge hitting some key outside jumpers and as well capitalizing on turnovers with coast to coast layups.     Tia had support from her squad of Morgan Crowley, Jordyn St. Cyr, Emma Lanziero, and Juliana Lefler.   Our first five tried to keep the contest close score wise, and they did do a good job of this.    Quarter two Emily Picher, Sofia Pescatore, Molly MacDonald, Ella McAllister, and Makala Stovesand were ready to handle the Jayhawks aggressive defense with their best efforts.    We had key defensive boards from our twin towers of Ella McAllister and Alex Civitarese constantly boxing out and grabbing those offensive and defensive boards whenever possible.   Emily Picher did her share of fantastic shooting, passing, and getting to the line and making her free throws count.  This week we executed our designated player pass highlighting playing time between Jordyn and Sofia.  They each made the most of their floor time contributing to the inbound plays we had to execute to handle the press from the Jayhawks.     We also saw great shot blocks from Emma Lanziero throughout the contest.  In the end we fell just short but will be ready to go the next time we face the tough Jayhawk ladies.




Blazers: 30 vs.  Jazz: 21


The Girl’s Senior Blazers defeated the Jazz, 30 to 21. The Blazers picked up the win with scoring from several different players leading the scoring was Ashley Demers with nine (9), followed by Rachel Picher eight (8). Samantha (Sam) Ryan added five (5) followed by Rebecca Langone with four (4). Madelyn (Maddy) Montejo and Alyssa Gray had two (2) points each. Maisan Nguyen, Lily Gigante and Brooke Bunyan contributed on defense side. Samantha Perkins was missing for the game.


During the Jazz vs. Blazers matchup, the Jazz hung in there and tried their hardest resulting in a loss. Scoring against the Blazers was tough as the played good defense, but the leading scorer for the Jazz was Victoria Catazano with 11 points, and Emily Tryder was close behind with 6 points.  Jessica Hickey and Nicole Potito played really well in the middle on both offense and defense. Brianna Gagnon, Aliana Kennen, Courtney Capachietti, Kiley McFadden and Jaylee Howard all hustled to the ball the whole time, got a lot of rebounds and were quick to the ball. Overall, the girls played really well and never gave up.


Suns: 25 vs. Sonics: 22


The Suns got their first victory of the young Senior League season with a hard fought, highly contested 25 to 22 win over the Sonics. Down 7 at the half, the Suns came roaring back and outscored the Sonics 17 to 7 in the second half to seal the 3-point victory. Emma Nowell and Madison Stovesand were extremely effective on the defensive rebounds in limiting second chance opportunities. The Suns scoring came from leading scorer Kati Polimeno 11, Kiley Kennedy 4, Maeve Cahill 3, Riley Veits, Jennie Lester and Madison with 2 each, and Darya Mehrabani with 1 clutch free throw late in the 4th quarter.  The Suns will hope to continue their winning ways next Saturday against the Blazers.


The Sonics battled all game against a strong Suns team, with scoring spread across the team and everyone stepping up on defense.  Ava Piccolo (2pt) and Erica Hinkle (2pt) protected the middle of the key on defense, stopping many Suns drives. Noelia Cura had several steals in the 4th quarter.  Juliana Ricci was tough on defense and had key assist on offense. Katrina MacDonald (2pt) and Maddy Kearney (4pt) led the team in break-aways.  Brooklyn DeGrechie (2pt) and Bella DeMatos secured rebounds to start the fast breaks.  Christina Wentworth (4pt) helped control the offense at the point.  Vicki Lavargna (6pt) was the team high scorer, landing a 3-pointer to pull the team close in the 4th quarter.